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  1. Browning Flex Riflecase, 132CM

    Browning Flex Riflecase, 132CM

    Water resistant
    Browning makes these soft gun cases out of some of the finest available materials and development
    Designed to function as the best way to carry your firearm

    Regular Price: €93.00

    Special Price €70.00

  2. RYPO Steady Aim

    RYPO Steady Aim

    Quick height adjustment
    Holds rifle barrels securely in position
    For easy cleaning and maintenance
    Rubber swivel feet
    62 cm Lenght

    It is the only one in the world that has a length of 62 cm.
    The rifle is stiffer and the rifle is more comfortable to hold because of its special dimensions.

    Regular Price: €99.00

    Special Price €80.00

  3. RYPO Quick-Release Sling Swivel

    RYPO Quick-Release Sling Swivel

    Size – 1 inch (2.5cm) / 2 pcs.

    Regular Price: €19.00

    Special Price €16.00

  4. Blaser Rifle Sling Anthracite

    Blaser Rifle Sling Anthracite

    Rifle sling with a wide, soft shoulder pad for the best carrying comfort. Non-slip, elastic and adjustable length. Integrated cartridge case for two rifle cartridges. Detachable sling swivel with quick-release fastener. Anthracite colored Neoprene® 

    Regular Price: €93.00

    Special Price €85.00

  5. Blaser Twill/leather cover, type B

    Blaser Twill/leather cover, type B

    Elegant gun cover for protecting weapons from dirt and impacts. High-quality fine twill fabric with calf leather trim. Cushioned by soft, quilted lining. Adjustable shoulder strap and reinforced handles for practical handling. Lockable zipped outer pocket for hunting accessories. Suitable for Blaser bolt action rifles and combination guns with mounted scopes up to a barrel length of 60 cm. Total length: 110 cm.

    Regular Price: €184.00

    Special Price €174.00

  6. Blaser Twill/leather cover, type C

    Blaser Twill/leather cover, type C

    High-quality gun cover in fine twill with calf leather trim. Soft, quilted lining for reliable protection against impacts. Adjustable shoulder strap, reinforced handles and zipped outer pocket for ammunition and accessories. Suitable for all conventional rifles with mounted scopes up to a barrel length of 68 cm. Total length: 126 cm.

    Regular Price: €199.00

    Special Price €189.00

  7. Browning VCI gun sock - two piece

    Browning VCI gun sock - two piece

    Two, two, two socks in one. Well actually just two VCI gun socks sized for two piece firearms. Browning’s VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) Gun Sock seals out moisture. VCI penetrates into the smallest crevices where oils cannot reach, driving out moisture. Provides full protection by forming a vapor enclosure around firearm from muzzle to butt.

    Regular Price: €32.00

    Special Price €25.00

  8. Niggeloh Classic Loden Stock pocket

    Niggeloh Classic Loden Stock pocket

    An attractive design of a stock cartridge case in loden and leather
    Holds six standard cartridges
    With flap open or closed, cartridges remain securely in place
    Flap is automatically secured in open position and will not close on you accidentally
    Pocket can be easily attached to stock using elastic Velcro
    Minimal weight: 80 grams
    Available in brown

    Regular Price: €55.00

    Special Price €39.00

  9. Jakele Field Cleaning-Kit Rifle

    Jakele Field Cleaning-Kit Rifle

    1 x steel cable incl. Jakele-Aid and interchangeable loop
    1 x interchangeable loop
    12 pcs. cleaning patches, choice of above listed colours

    Regular Price: €49.00

    Special Price €45.00

  10. Browning rifle sling

    Browning rifle sling

    6mm shockabsorbing neoprene
    Rubber grip
    Adjustable length

    Regular Price: €43.00

    Special Price €32.00

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